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Distance learning abroad has become an excellent alternative to formal education for those who want to pursue higher education from a foreign University, but unable to go there for various reasons. The whole process of acquiring a degree from a foreign University has thus become less tedious because of these abroad distance learning courses. For those who require to travel a lot, distance education from abroad has made it possible for them to continue their studies. Another advantage of International Distance Education is that it has made available quality education to all at much lower cost. Accessing quality education by being physically present in the class would have not been possible for many because of the expenses involved.

Thus the availability of the distance learning courses from abroad has helped a lot of people in the developing countries to fulfill their educational ambitions.

Moreover the system of International Distance Education has also made it possible to pursue a course that is not available in the country where he or she is residing.

Thus the choice of the learner's have increased significantly because of these distance learning courses from abroad.

On this page, we have attempted to provide you information about the distance learning courses available abroad and distance learning universities that provide these courses. We have tried to provide as authentic information as possible but in case there is some discrepancy in the information about the International Distance Education courses and distance learning institutes provided here, then please do write to us about it. We would appreciate any kind of effort that would improve the quality of the site.

International Distance Education