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CBSE Important Questions

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CBSE Important Questions
IQ/SCIENCE/X/06/01 Science and Technology By :- Mr. M. P. Keshari
IQ/BIOLOGY/X/07/01 Biology (Control And Coordination) By :- Mr. Rituraj
IQ/SCIENCE/X/07/01 Science And Technology (Important Question) By :- Mr. Dushyant Jasar
IQ/SCIENCE/X/07/02 Science And Technology (Important Question) By :- Mr. Anwar
IQ/SCIENCE/X/07/03 Science (Important Question) By :- Mr. Vidhur
IQ/SCIENCE/X/07/04 Biology (Important Question) By :- Mr. Nagesh
IQ/SCIENCE/X/07/04 Physics (Important Question) By :- Mr. Nagesh
IQ/SCIENCE/X/07/05 Physics (Optical Instruments) By :- Mrs. Poonam Wadehra
IQ/BIOLOGY/X/07/05 Biology (Important Question) By : - Mr. Saranjeet
IQ/SCIENCE/X/07/06 Science (Important Question) By :- Manish Jha
IQ/SCIENCE/X/07/07 Physics (Important Question) By :- Poonam Wadehra
IQ/PHYSICS/X/07/08 Physics (Electrostatics) By :- Mahesh Koroth
IQ/PHYSICS/X/07/09 Science (Control and coordination notes) By :- Mr. James