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Q. 1. What do you mean by ‘Equality’? 2

Q. 2. What do you understand by the changing nature of State activities 2

Q. 3. How far is it correct to say that rights do not imply ‘absence of restraints’ but ‘due restraints’. 2

Q. 4. Is political socialisation a static or a continuous process? 2

Q. 5. Differentiate between Socialism and Communism. 2

Q. 6. Mention any two electoral devices to ensure adequate representation to minorities in India. 2

Q. 7. What do you mean by delimitation of constituencies? 2

Q. 8. On which basis a party in India Is recognised as a State party? 2

Q. 9. Mention any two differences between political parties and pressure groups. 2

Q. 10. “Non-alignment does not mean either equidistance or neutrality” Comment. 2
Q. 11. What is implied by Social Justice? How can we provide Social Justice to citizens in lndia? 2+2

Q. 12. What are the main characteristics of a welfare state? How far is it correct to call India a welfare state’? 4

Q. 13. What is the relevance of Gandhism today? 4

Q. 14. What is the significance of behavioural approach to the study of Comparative Politics? 4

Q. 15. Is political development a cause or consequence of economic development? Give arguments In support of your answer. 4

Q. 16. Describe any two major functions of the Election Commission of India. 2+2

Q. 17. What are the causes for the rise of political violence in India? How can we curb it? 2+2
Q. 18. Describe the main objectives of the National Policy of Empowerment of Women 2001. 4

Q. 19. What is the role of Planning Commission in India’s socio-economic development? 4

Q. 20. Write a brief note on ’India’s changing relations with Pakistan. 4

Q. 21. What is the fundamental difference between the concepts of Dharma and Re- ligion? What is the role of Dharma in personal, social and political life? 8
Discuss the relationship between law and liberty. 8

Q. 22. “To be human is not to be divine in the right of this statement explain the concept of humanism. 8
What is Fascism? Analyse causes for the rise and fall of Fascism. 2+6

Q. 23. Write a short essay on the emerging trends in the party system in India. 8
What is the role of pressure groups in a democracy? How do they work to achieve their goals? 8

Q. 24. “Communalism is a bane for democracy in India” How can we curb it? 4+4
What factors are responsible for Illiteracy in India? What steps are being taken by the Government of India to achieve the target of free and compulsory education for all children upto the age of 14? 4+4

Q. 25. What reforms have been suggested to make the U.N. Security Council more effective? 5
What do you mean by globalisation? How has India responded to the challenges of globalisation?

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