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MATHEMATICS 2005 (Set III—Delhi)

Except for the following questions, all the remaining questions have been asked in Set I and Set II


 Q. 1. Find the probability of at most two tails or at least two heads in a toss of 3 coins.

Q. 3. If A = , find K such that A2 -8A+K I =O.

Q. 10. If prove that

 Q. 14. Find the equation of the tangent to the curve which is parallel to the line

Q. 16. An open box with a square base is to be made out of a given iron sheet of area 27 sq. m. show that the maximum volume of the box is 13.5 cu. m.


 Q. 21. A particle describes 650 m in seconds and its velocity at the end of 10 seconds is 80 m/sec. find the initial velocity and uniform acceleration.

Q. 22. Forces act on a particle. Determine the work done when the particle is displayed from to

Q. 25. Find the perpendicular distance of the point frorm the line .


 Q. 19. Solve the following linear programming problem graphically:


subject to constraints

 Q. 21. A man is known to speak the truth 3 out of 4 tomes. He throws a die and reports that it is a six. Find the probability that it is actually a six.

Q. 23. Calculate the present value of an ordinary annuity of Rs. 10,000 per annum for 12 years, the rate of interest being 4% per annum compounded annually. [Use (1.04) -12 = 0.6252].

Maths 2005 Question Papers Class XII