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BIOLOGY 2005 (Set II—Delhi)

Except for the following questions all the remaining questions have been asked in Set I.


Q. 1. What is the function of secretin? 1
Q. 2. Name any two threatened animal species of India. 3
Q. 3. How is nastic movement different from tropic movement? 1
Q. 5. Name the disease in humans where the myelin sheath of nerve cells is attacked by the antibodies of self. 1

Q. 8. What is the importance of F0 — F1 particles in ATP production during aerobic respiration? 2
Q. 9. What usually can cause oversecretion of paratbormone in human body? List any two effects on the body because of this oversecretion.
Q. 11. Name the hormone that acts as an antagonist to abscisic acid. From which micro-organism was it extracted initially? List two bioassays of this growth hormone. 2
Q. 13. Name the two middle horizons of soil profile of tropical rain forests, and mention their characteristics. 2
Q. 15. Define birth rate Differentiate between crude birth rate and crude death rate. 2

Q. 22. Why is glomerular filtrate hypertonic and hypotonic in descending and ascending limb of loop of Henle respectively? What is the effect of ADH on collecting tubules? 3

Q. 26. Explain the opening and closing mechanism of stomata. Name the category of plants which keep their stomata open during the night and closed during the day. 5
Explain the mechanism of C4 photosynthetic carbon cycle. Name any two plants where it occurs. Mention the difference in the structure of chloroplasts in the mesophyll cells and bundle sheath cells of such plants.

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