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BIOLOGY 2005 (Set III—Compartment Delhi)

Except for the following questions all the remaining questions have been asked in Set I & Set II.


Q. 1. Define parthenocarpy. Give one example in which it occurs naturally. 1

Q. 2. Give the function of phosphofructokinase in glycolysis.


Q. 7. What is polyspermy? How is it prevented. 2

Q. 14. Why can a red muscle fibre work for a prolonged period while a white muscle fibre suffers from fatigue when it works for a short while? Explain. 2


Q. 19. Name two structural components of renal tubule responsible for the concentration of urine. Explain the mechanism. 3

Q. 20. Explain the opening and closing mechanism of stomata. 3

Q. 23. What-is eutrophication? Hôw does it affect the aquatic life? Explain. 3

Q. 25. Differentiate between blow and bioweapon agent. Mention four possible defences against bioweapons. 3


Q. 27. Name the photosynthetic mechanism adapted to help plants growing in dry condition. Explain the mechanism and write how this adaptation helps the plants growing in such condition. 5


What is oxidative phosphorylation? Explain the same with the help of a flow- chart.

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