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BUSINESS STUDIES—2003 (Set I—Outside Delhi)

Q. 1. Differentiate between management and administration on the basis of level authority and nature of organization. 2

Q. 2. How does the technique of “Time Study’ help to improve the efficiency of workers. Give any two points in support of your answer. 2

Q. 3. What is the modern concept of ‘marketing’? 2

Q. 4. Define money market. 2

Q. 5. Explain, in briefly, the principle of ‘equity’ 2

Q. 6. Define ‘Organisation as a structure’. 3

Q. 7. Explain, in briefly, any three objectivs of financial managment. 3

Q. 8. What are the different brand name strategies? 3

Q. 9. How does the directing function bring about balance in the organisation? 3

Q. 10. Distinguish between formal and informal organisation on the basis of:
(a) emphasis
(b) flow of authority, and
(c) tenure. 3

Q. 11. “Authority can be delegated but responsibility cannot.” Explain. 4

Q. 12. “Directing is the essence of management. Do you agree? Give any four reasons in support of your answer. 4

Q. 13. What remedial steps will you suggest, as a finance manager of the company for- converting the under ca company into a properly capitalised company? 4

Q. 14. What are the functions of packaging? 4

Q. 15. Which method of wage payment-time rate or piece rate is most suitable, in your opinion, under each of the following situations? Give reasons is support of your answer.
(i) When time factor is significant?
(ii) When -quantity of output is more important than its quality?

Q. 16. Describe, in brief, any five functions of middle level management in an organisatian. 5

Q. 17. Describe, in brief features of a good control system. 5

Q. 18. Explain any five techniques of sales-promotion. 5

Q. 19. Explain briefly any two rights available to the consumers under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986. 5

Q. 20. “Fayol’s principles of equity and order can be applied in actual work situation.” Do you agree? Explain your view point by giving examples. 5

Q. 21. “Though planning is an important tools of management, yet it is not a remedy for all types of problems.”
Do you agree with this statement? Give any five reasons in support of your answer.
“It is through motivation the managers can inspire their subordinates to give their best to the organjsation.” In the light of this statement, explain in brief, the importance of motivation. 6

Q. 22. Explain common features of NSE and OTCEI. 6
What do you mean by ‘financial planning’? Discuss the importance of financial planning in financial management.

Q. 23. Explain the importance of leadership as a directing function of management.
What economic changes have been initiated by the Government of India since 1991? Explain in brief the major changes. 6

Q. 24. What is meant by ‘Personal Selling’ Discuss the step8zn the process of personal selling.
“Money spent on advertisement is a waste. “ Do you agree with this statement? Give reasons for your answer. 6

Q.25. Define marketing management. State the important objective staves of marketing management.
“The process of marketing Involves marketing research, product planning and development, branding and pricing”. Explain. 6

Business Studies 2003 Question Papers Class XII