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Q. 1. Differentiate between management and administration on the basis of decision making and status of performers. 2

Q. 2. How does the technique of ‘motion study’ help to improve the efficiency of workers. Give any two points in support of your answer. 2

Q. 3. What is economic and non-economic environment of business? 2

Q. 4. Define ‘organising a function of management. 2

Q. 5. Describe the money market. . 2

Q. 6. Delegation of authority is based on the elementary principle of division of work. Explain. 3

Q. 7. State the objective of personal selling 3

Q. 8. Explain in brief any three decisions involved in financial management. 3

Q. 9. Distinguish between policies and procedures. 3

Q. 10. What is meant by right issue at shares? 3

Q. 11. Define marketing management in the modern context. 4

Q. .12. “Directing is the heart of the management process”. Do you agree? Give any four reasons in support of your answer. 4

Q. 13. Which method of wage payment - time rate or piece rate - -is most suitable in your opinion, in each-of the following situation? Give reasons in support of your answer. 4
(a) When the work flow is regular.
(b) When quality of output is more important than its quantity.
(c) When delays in work are frequent.
(d) When there is a clear cut relationship between effort and output.

Q. 14. What remedial steps will you suggest, as a finance manager, for converting an cover-capitalised company into a properly capitalised company.

Q. 15. Stock markets Impart liquidity to investments. Comments. 4

Q. 16. “Taylor’s principles of scientific management and Fayol’s principles of management are mutually complementary “Do you agree with this view? Give any four reasons in support of your answer. 5

Q. 17. Explain briefly the various steps involved in staffing procedure. 5

Q. 18. Describe, in brief the relationship between planning and controlling. 5

Q. 19. Explain the various remedies available to, the consumer for redressing their grievances, under the Consumer Protection, 1986. 5

Q. 20. Describe, in brief, the features of a good control system. 5

Q. 21. “No enterprise can achieve is objective without systematic planning.” Do you agree with this statement? Give any five reasons in support of your answer.
What is ‘financial planning’? Explain briefly the factors that should be kept in mind while formulating ‘a financial plan. 6

Q. 22. “Leadership is considered as the most important element of the directing function of management.” In the light of this statement, explain the importance of leadership. 6
Explain the need and importance of Staffing functions. What are the phases in the staffing process?

Q. 23. Explain the briefly any six qualities of good salesman. 6
Explain briefly the various marketing functions performed by a modern business enterprises.

Q. 24. Explain briefly any six techniques of sales promotion. 6
“Money spent on advertisement is a water”. DO you agree with this view? Give reasons.

Q. 25. What is marketing mix? Explain ft main components. 6
Outline the function of SEBI.

Business Studies 2003 Question Papers Class XII