Thursday 04th June 2020
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CBSE Important Questions

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CBSE Important Questions
IQ/MATHS/X/07/01 Maths (Linear equation) BY :- Mr. Manish Jha
IQ/MATHS/X/07/02 Maths (Heights And Distances) By :- Mr. Tanmaya Tripathi
IQ/MATHS/X/07/03 Maths (Tangents) By :- Mr. Rahul Jain
IQ/MATHS/X/07/04 Maths (Linear Equations, H.C.F and L.C.M and Rational Expressions) By :- Anupam Goyal
IQ/MATHS/X/07/05 Maths (Linear, Quadratic, Arithmetic, Trigonometry Equations) By :- Mr. Subash Dey
IQ/MATHS/X/07/06 Maths (Coordinate Geometry) By :- Mr. Manoj Sharma
IQ/MATHS/X/07/07 Maths (Important Question) By :- Manish jha
IQ/MATHS/X/07/08 Maths (Important Theorems) By :- Mr. Manoranjan Behra
IQ/MATHS/X/07/09 Maths (Important Questions) By :- Mr. Sanjay Kumar
IQ/MATHS/X/07/10 Maths (Similar Triangle) By :- Noor Nawaz Khan