CBSE made changes in Class 10 board exam scores

February 12, 2014, 12:54 pm

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has made revolutionary changes in the pattern of its examinations to reduce stress on students.

The Class 10 final marks secured by a student will no longer be the exact same marks he or she received on the respective final examination; the combined scores of the entire year assessment will be the final marks under CCE.

The scheme of Continuous and Comprehensive Evolution (CCE) was introduced from 2009-2010 and has divided the assessment of students’ performance into a year-long format.

The assessment for Class 10 for the academic year will be divided into Formative Assessment and Summative Assessment. Only summative assessment will be based on exam marks, with SA1 having been completed under first term, and the final upcoming examinations, board or internal will be assessed as SA2. Final results for Class 10 will be based 60 per cent on summative assessment (SA1 and SA2) and 40 per cent on formative assessment.

However, for students interested in changing schools, only Summative Assessment marks will be considered.

Question papers and marking schemes for the final examinations, board and internal, will be provided by CBSE and students appearing in either (board or internal) exam will receive the same certificate by CBSE.

So relax! If you have worked hard the entire year, your overall marks will reflect that.