NCERT Class 12 Geography Books

Chapter Wise NCERT Class 12 Geography Books

NCERT Book For Class 12 Fundamentals of Human Geography

Subjects Geography
Unit I


Chapter 1 Human Geography Nature and Scope
Unit II


Chapter 2 The World Population Distribution, Density and Growth
Chapter 3 Population Composition
Chapter 4 Human Development
Unit III


Chapter 5 Primary Activities
Chapter 6 Secondary Activities
Chapter 7 Tertiary and Quaternary Activities
Chapter 8 Transport and Communication
Chapter 9 International Trade
Unit IV


Chapter 10 Human Settlements

Chapter Wise NCERT Class 12 India - People And Economy Book

Subjects Geography
Unit I


Chapter 1 Population : Distribution, Density, Growth and Composition
Chapter 2 Migration : Types, Causes and Consequences
Chapter 3 Human Development
Unit II


Chapter 4 Human Settlements
Unit III


Chapter 5 Land Resources and Agriculture
Chapter 6 Water Resources
Chapter 7 Mineral and Energy Resources
Chapter 8 Manufacturing Industries
Chapter 9 Planning and Sustainable Development in Indian Context
Unit IV


Chapter 10 Transport and Communication
Chapter 11 International Trade
Unit V


Chapter 12 Geographical Perspective on Selected Issues and Problems

Chapter Wise NCERT Class 12 Practical Work in Geography Part II Book

Subjects Geography
Chapter 1 Data – Its Source and Compilation
Chapter 2 Data Processing
Chapter 3 Graphical Representation of Data
Chapter 4 Use of Computer in DataProcessing and Mapping
Chapter 5 Field Surveys
Chapter 6 Spatial Information Technology