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Careers in Psychiatry

Psychiatry, an important branch of the medical profession concerned with the study and treatment of mental illness, is gradually gaining a lot of importance. It deals with mental, emotional and behavioral disorders in a person. In psychiatry, medical therapies are applied to attack the organic source of the disease. After the physical and behavioural symptoms are diagnosed, drugs and other means are used for treatment.

Psychiatrist are physicians who specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of mental health problems, illness and emotional disorders. They look after patients with mental problems, such as depression and schizophrenia. Treatment approaches may be more biologically based.

The demand for psychiatrists is increasing, with the increasing mental tension and stress arising from modern lifestyles. To become a psychiatrist, one should attend the medical school and receive an M.D. (Doctor of Medicine) degree, after the MBBS. One could also do a Diploma in Psychiatric medicine (DPM) from a recognised educational institute to become a qualified psychiatrist.

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