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Careers in Dairy Technology

Dairy industry is one of the industries which plays a dynamic role in India's agro-based economy. Dairy farming includes breeding and care of milk yielding cattle, procuring milk and processing of milk into a variety of dairy products. Dairy products is a major exporting industry and earns considerable foreign exchange for the country. In 1946, the foundation of Anand Milk Union Ltd (AMUL), led to the development of a better organised dairy industry and gave momentum to education in dairying in India.

Dairy industry, now a highly specialised field today involves production, procurement, storage, processing and distribution of dairy products. The main jobs are in production and processing. Production process includes the collection of milk, breeding of high yielding cattle and taking care of the animals. Dairy Scientists are employed to cover the production aspect of the industry. They conduct experiments to determine the effects of different kinds of feeds and environmental conditions on the quantity, quality and nutritive value of milk produced. They also research breeding to improve dairy breeds, feeding and management of dairy cattle.

Processing involves handling of milk for distribution or its conversion into dairy products. After the milk has reached the plant, processing work begins and it is converted into a variety of dairy products. Dairy Technologists mainly deal with the technical and quality control aspect of the processing industry and also work to develop improved methods in processing, production preservation and utilisation of milk and milk products.

Other professionals required in this area include Dairy engineers, who are responsible for dairy maintenance and related activities; and Marketing personnel who handle the marketing and sales of milk and milk products.

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