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HISTORY 2005 (Set-II Outside Delhi)

Except for the following questions all the remaining questions have been asked in Set I.



Q. 1. Briefly explain any two main contributions of the Peshwa, Balaji Vishwanath in strengthening the Maratha empire. 2

Q. 2. Mention the two proposals given by Raja Ram Mohan Roy to promote intern- ationalism. 2

Q. 5. What Ii meant by Swadeshi and Boycott movements? Explain any two effects of these movements? 3+2
Explain the meaning of Aligarh movement as understood during the freedom, struggle Explain the significance of the movement. 2+3

Q. 6. Who founded the Satya Shodhak Mandal in Maharashtra? Describe the sign- ificance of the organisation in modern India. 1+4
Describe the nature of political developments preceding the formation of the Indian National Congress, Mention any organisation which can be called as the predecessor of the Congress. 4+1

Q. 7. Explain the meaning of Provincial Autonomy as proposed in the Act of 1935. Explain the Congress attitude to the proposals of the Act of 1935. 8+2
Explain the main contributions of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar in the making of modern India. Mention an organisation found by him. 4+1

Q. 13. Why was Russia not a member of the League of Nations? 2

Q. 14. Give one reason why Japan’s attack on the Pearl Harbour was important in World War II. 2

Q. 15. How has genetic engineering helped scientists in the 1980s and 1990s? 2

Q. 16. What is Euro? 2

Q. 18. Mention one main theme of art works of Raja Ravi Verma. 2

Q. 21. Explain the main reasons for the famine in China in 1959. Who led the coun- try during this period? 4+1
Examine the nature of US intervention, in Kampuchea after World War II. In what way did North Vietnam respond to it? 8+2

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