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ENGLISH—2003 (Set II—Compartment Delhi)

Note: Except for the following questions, all the remaining questions have been already asked in Set I .


Q. B1. Draft a suitable notice for your school notice board informing the students about the Magic show organised by your school in aid of victims of floods in Bihar. You are Neha/Prabhat, School Pupil Leader, Model School, Secunderabad. (Word limit: 50 words). 5
You want to dispose of your car as you are going abroad. Draft a suitable advertisement to be published in the classified columns of ‘The Hindu’, Madurai. You are ABC of Vijay Nagar, Madurai. (Word limit: 50 words).

Q. B.3. Write a letter to M/s Sports & Sports Co., Ambala, complaining about the defective sports goods supplied to you. You are the Sports Secretary of Bharathi Vidyalaya, Bijilaur.


Q. C1. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow:
“We have not had a letter from him for a long time. My mother is very worried. People tell her that India is lull of tigers and snakes and people get malaria and cholera. She is afraid something has happened to him. It is true, sir, that India is full of tigers and snakes?”
‘No, I smiled, ‘how could people live there if it were?’
The girl sighed softly. Mother says she would like to ask an Indian about these things, if she can find an Indian.’ The girl looked at me with eyes full of pleading.
(i) Why was mother worried? 2
(ii) What had she heard about India? 2
(iii) What did she fear? 2
(iv) What did the girl want to confirm from him? 1
(v) The girl’s eyes were ‘full of pleading’. What were they pleading? 2

Q. C2. Answer the following in 30—40 words each:
(i) What made Mr. Gupta conclude that Maggie’s family was poor? 2
(ii) What changes took place in the position of women with the coming of the Twentieth Century? 3
(iii) What was Max Muller’s view about India? 3
(iv) What happened to Kartar Singh and Pingale after Kartar Singh’s refusal to file an appeal? 3
(v) Why is Cox terribly upset? 2

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