Schools pay little heed to CBSE guidelines

April 28, 2014, 12:13 pm

In 2002, the CBSE had issued guidelines for appointing full-time counsellors in all schools. Following this, the education department appointed 26 counselors on contractual basis. Although it has been 12 years now, out of 107 schools only 52 schools have counselors and that too on contractual basis, which do not help students during the admissions. The parents and students are left with no option but to choose a career option on their own with no counselor to guide them. Same is the scenario with the private schools as there are just 10 schools, out of 87 schools, which have counselors to guide the parents and students.

Regional officer R J Khanderao said, "According to the CBSE guidelines, it is essential for every CBSE school to adapt the idea of a school counselor for the benefit of the students and parents. Although it is mandatory, and if a school doesn’t follows it or if a parent faces problem and complains us, then we can take some action."

According to the board counselors, having counseling cell for students is very important either for career counseling or relationship counseling, and to operate those cells counselors are a must. Rakesh Sachdeva, CBSE board counselor and principal at Sector 15, said, "Having counselors is a necessity, but if schools don’t obey the guidelines, action should be taken so that they follow norms strictly.
Another board counsellor and principal of KBDAV, Sector 7, Madhu Behl said, "I do not understand how schools deal without counselors. Be it a private school or government, there should be a counselor, no matter he or she is part time or regular counselor".

Although there is a test known as Student Global Index test which is conducted by CBSE board to help the children decide about the field to choose, but it is optional for the schools and kids.

Jitender Verma, a resident of Sector 20, said, "I wanted my daughter to choose the field according to her talent and skills, but unfortunately there was no counselor to guide us. So ultimately, I had to take her to private company, which counsels kids on career basis".