JEE, NEET and UGC NET Exam Will be Conducted in INDIAN Languages

October 19, 2022, 4:47 pm

Union Home Minister Amit Shah on 16th October released the MBBS course textbooks of three subjects in Hindi for MBBS students - making Madhya Pradesh the first State to offer medical education in the language.

"PM Narendra Modi has taken a very historic decision in the new education policy by giving importance to the mother tongue of the child in primary, technical and medical education" said Mr. Shah.

He further added, "The Madhya Pradesh government has given an opportunity to 75 percent of Hindi-speaking children taking admission in medical education in their mother tongue by doing-the medical course in Hindi as per NEP-2020. I thank all the medical college teachers whose tireless efforts made this work possible."

Brain drain to brain gain

Crediting PM Narendra Modi for reversing the brain-drain theory into brain-gain theory by promoting education in the mother tongue by advancing the ability of children to think, reason and research.

JEE, NEET, andUGC NET Exam will be conducted in INDIAN LANGUAGES

"We have started to conduct JEE, NEET and UGC examinations in 12 languages of the country. Similarly, the Common University Entrance Test (CUET) is being conducted in 13 languages of the country and 10 states have started teaching engineering courses by translating them into Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, Malayalam and Gujarati," Shah added.

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