How to deal with CBSE Board Exams Stress

February 24, 2014, 12:59 pm

CBSE is starting March 1. If the year-long preparation is already taking a toil on your brain and your grey cells are refusing to co-operate, if a week more isn’t time enough to register all that you should have mugged up by now, sit back and relax.

Here’s for you a few Dos n Don’ts

Stop trying to swallow up the entire syllabus at a go. Try selective and smart learning tricks.
Consult question banks and prepare your list of topics that needs special care.
Prepare a time schedule and allot time accordingly
Keep pen and paper handy. Scribble all that you are trying to learn by heart. Written impression helps mind register faster.
Indulge on group discussions with friends and family. With multiple inputs learning becomes interesting and interactive.
Take care of your diet, eat at short intervals. Try munching on light snacks and fruits. Food with high protein will boost your stamina. Go slow on caffeine intake and put a stop to junkies.
For 15 minutes per day, focus on diaphragmatic breathing and try to relax. Conscious breathing also works wonders. It is a particular method of balancing autonomous nervous system that affects stressful conditions.
Feel the air filling your lungs. Try to match how much air you breathe and how much air you let out. During exhale consider that you are getting stress out of your body.
Keep your study environment clean and pleasant. Do not stock your table unnecessarily. Keep flower and incense sticks nearby. This brings fair amount of positive air and confidence.
Maintain a regular sleep pattern. A regular seven hours of sleep is mandatory for the body to function well.
Parents should act as confidence boosters at this time. Unrealistic expectations about scores can only pull down hell.

Headaches, abdominal pains, sweating, tremor, nausea, muscle tension are symptoms off over stress. Do not ponder to find clinical help immediately.