CBSE will soon start grading schools on quality standards

December 23, 2013, 12:33 pm

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will start grading its affiliated schools on the basis of their academic and administrative functioning.

CBSE representatives from Delhi are training principals of city schools on how to prepare for the accreditation process. The first day of the

training session was held at Pragya Girls School on Saturday.

“The representatives told us about all the steps which will be included in the accreditation process and preparations that we need to do for

it,” said Indore Sahodaya Cluster member Shyam Agarwal.

The board will accredit schools on various parameters. In the first level, schools will have to do a self study of their standard. This will be

followed by peer review in which a committee of peers from other schools and colleges will judge the standard of the school. A specialised

agency will then follow up the practices and assessment of these levels.

Trainers said that the accreditation process will neither compare nor rank schools.

Parameters for quality assessment
Success with respect to student achievement in relation to the institution’s mission
Teaching, learning and transaction
Leadership & governance
Assessment and Evaluation Practices
Health & Safety l Innovation
Contribution to community