CBSE Principals, Teachers and Peer Educators has invited articles on (Gender Sensitization in Schools)

January 16, 2013, 12:00 am

CBSE has invited articles from principals, teachers and peer educators on ’Gender Sensitization in Schools’ for the quarterly bulletin published by CBSE, CENBOSEC, which is a medium and platform which helps the schools to reach out to all the other schools affiliated to CBSE.

The CENBOSEC issue (January - March 2013) is based on the theme ’Gender Sensitization in Schools’.

Articles in English or Hindi by principals, teachers or peer educators are invited for this issue of CENBOSEC before February 28, 2013.

They can write reports of the activities conducted in the school and send it to CBSE along with a photograph.

CBSE has said that the contributions need to sustain the bulletin’s scholarly tone, be factually informative in character (sharing of data relating to statistical analyses, exam results, schools/student strength etc), uphold intellectual integrity and attempt to illustrate and explain in greater depth the organization’s motto and message of excellence.

Besides, the articles have to serve as a vehicle to share innovative ideas and best practices with the teaching community, raise awareness about current thinking and serve as a forum to seek opinions about new academic initiatives.