CBSE Physics paper tricky, but scoring, evokes mixed response

March 6, 2013, 12:00 am

With a good number of indirect questions and numericals, the physics exam for Class XII boards turned out to be slightly tricky. Students who had prepared selectively were in for a surprise as the question paper deviated from the general pattern. However, the value-based question in the first science paper of boards was considered a cakewalk.

Sooraj E.P, a student of Nalanda Public School, said the question paper was definitely different from the usually followed pattern. �However, it was not problematic. Only, the application-based questions threw up a bit of challenge,� he said.

Most students said they expected to score well in today�s paper. �I finished my paper half an hour before time. Most of the questions were from previous year�s papers,� said Anirudh Saxena, a student.