CBSE found that Schools were assigning too many projects

January 14, 2013, 12:00 am

Schools assigns too many projects as homework, CBSE found. This was noticed while conducting an online survey through its website on school based assessment under Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE).

Now the board has asked schools to follow a cross-curricular approach in case of projects.

"Artificial subject boundaries impede contextualized learning and deprive students of exploring the interconnectedness of different forms of knowledge. Moreover the transfer of knowledge from one subject to other can most effectively be demonstrated and strengthened through multidisciplinary projects", CBSE said to schools.

"Team of teachers may formulate in-school inter-subject projects. Schools are advised to assign a maximum of 2 comprehensive group projects covering each of the five major subjects i.e. English / Hindi, Maths, Science, Social Sciences", CBSE added.