CBSE: CCE misunderstood by most schools

April 29, 2014, 12:35 pm

To streamline implementation of the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) in its affiliated schools, the CBSE has conducted two workshops recently for re-training teachers from across the state on the objective. The detailed report of the workshops was circulated on Monday.

The workshop was organized by an CBSE empanelled agency after it came to light that many schools are finding it tough to implement CCE in its true spirit. Most of the schools analyzed during the workshops were found making mistakes in summative and formative assessments.

The summative assessment is evaluation of students’ learning at the end of session and formative is observing students to help them in identifying problems and providing solutions. Some schools were found taking unit test for formative assessment, which is a wrong assessment. They were unclear about the activities and tools which can be used to determine formative assessment.

The two day workshop had 23 sessions on various aspects of CCE, including formative and summative assessments, life skills, value-based education, gender sensitivity, reporting and recording. Prof B L Handoo, resource person for the workshop, said, "Every school has to evaluate their prescribed books to find out whether it is gender neutral or not. In most of the books, the content is gender bias and promotes inclination towards one gender."

Handoo pointed that success of this system depends upon the how teachers are trained to educate students. He said shortage of resources, dealing with large class size and confusion over the CCE concept have done the damage. "The CCE aims to prepare students for the global challenge and not just learning of textbooks," said Handoo. During the workshop, he also explained the problem solving assessments introduced by CBSE to assess students in Classes IX and XI on qualitative logic, quantitative logic and language conventions.