CBSE asks School Principles for a Leadership and Management Training Program

September 18, 2013, 1:04 pm

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has made it mandatory for principles of all the schools to through an exclusive training program in leadership and management as a part of the objectives of providing star status to their schools.
CBSE has come up with this decision after being enlightened by a clip from the Iranian movie ’Children of Heaven’ showing Ali, a little boy, coming late to school and saw usually stern principals dabbing discreetly at their eyes and reminiscing over all the times they failed to see the whole picture in a situation.
The idea behind this film was to make school heads reflect and understand a problem by getting to the root of the issue before coming up to any decision. "It helped us see that there could be many things the child is not telling us," said Rani S Thaliath, principal of Velammal Vidyalaya.
During a such five-day Program held in Chennai on last Wednesday, the school heads learnt about work delegation, time management and vision building. Also, they learnt that the school principals can also enjoy a hearty laugh and a good cry like the rest of the world. They need not to be strict all the time to get control over the system.
At that Effective School Management and Leadership Program for CBSE school heads, there was an ice breaker session in which usually stern principles/teachers giggled and screamed with excitement while trying to get a task done in a team without talking or drawing.