CBSE ask, to inform students about assessment criteria

January 21, 2013, 12:00 am

When the Board conducted an online survey through its website on School based Assessment under Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE), it has found that students are not sufficiently informed about the assessment criteria.

The Board has now said that students must be informed about the assessment criteria to include more transparency in the marks, teachers must also bear in mind that the ultimate success at learning is determined by an emotional reaction of students to the assessment results. "When used effectively, assessment results always trigger an optimistic response from within the learner. It may be done by providing students a clear, student- friendly vision of the importance of an activity, its relevance, the process to be followed, the rubrics of assessment and achievement target to be achieved", it said.

"This may be supplemented by providing the learners a continued access to descriptive feedback, which consists not merely of grades or scores, but most importantly, of focused guidance to the learning target. This will provide preparation time and facilitate the discussions and construction of learning experiences by students", CBSE added.