CBSE Important Questions

Social Science Class X

Economic Development

Q. 1. What is an economic activity? (2 marks)

Q. 2. What are per capita income. (2 marks)

Q. 3. Define National income? (2 marks)

Q. 4. What are the three sectors of enterprises on the basis of ownership? (2 marks)

Q. 5. Explain the term ‘Economic Decision making’. (4 marks)

Q. 6. What does the consumption mean? (2 marks)

Q. 7. On the basis of the level of development into which groups the economies are divided (2 marks)

Q. 8. What do you mean by economic development? (2 marks)

Q. 9. On the basis of ownership of means of production, how is the economy divided? (2 marks)

Q. 10. What was the economic development strategy of India after Independence? Discuss? (4marks)

Q. 11. Into how many categories economic activities are classified? (2 marks)

Q. 12. What is enterprises? (2 marks)

Q. 13. What is Non economic activities? (2 marks)

Q. 14. What is developing economies? (2 marks)

Q. 15. How are resources allocated in a free market economy? (4marks)

Submitted By : Dr. Ashutosh Pandey