For CBSE standard IX, X students, 25 per cent marks is must to pass

January 29, 2014, 2:13 pm

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has come up with new guidelines for students. It is now mandatory for a class IX students of CBSE board to score a minimum of 25 per cent marks in summative assessments (SA) in order to qualify to be promoted to the next class. Although, the amendment was introduced last year only, the students are facing the effects now, with SA2 just a month away.

According to Anmol Badjatia, principal of Jain International School, this change would also shift academic focus to comprehending the subject matter. "It will now be all about knowing what you learn, understanding properly the things being taught. For example, in English subject one can learn about grammar with sentence formations, word usage or it can also be about drama etc," said Badjatia.

For students participating in sports competitions, the circular adds, "exemption from appearing in one of the SAs may be granted subject to prior approval of the Board, provided student will be participating in sports at national or international level organized by recognized federations/CBSE/SGFI and being held during the month of the conduct of SA. In such case, the marks obtained in SA1 shall also be indicated for the SA2 by the Board."

The notice added that just in case, a student is inclined towards sports, and participates in sports at National/ International level organized by recognized federations/ CBSE / SGFI during the same month of the conduct of SA, he/she can be exempted from one of the SAs, though the student has to take prior approval from the Board for the same.

In such cases, marks obtained in SA1 shall also be indicated for the SA2 by the Board.