CBSE says private schools are bound to disclose information

August 13, 2013, 12:00 am

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has dismissed all the hue and cry by private unaided schools, which were reluctant to implement board’s directive on sharing information on fee structure, staff salary and other details on their websites.

School managements had contended that the updating procedure is a complete waste of time.

Regional Director of CBSE RJ Khanderao, who was in the city on Monday, said, "It is mandatory for every school, affiliated to the board, to update the information on their websites by September 15, failing which they will have to pay heavy penalty or even face disaffiliation."

He said, "Claims of time wastage is merely an excuse. Even if they feel it is a timing consuming exercise, they have to follow the instructions."

Talking about the purpose and benefits, Khanderao said, "The board took the move to bring in transparency. The CBSE as well as parents should know these basic details."

Repeated complaints by parents (over high fee structure in schools) and teachers (over low salary) have made the CBSE take such a measure to stop the arbitrary conduct of private un-aided schools. Last protest by teachers of a CBSE-affiliated school occurred in May over not getting salaries according to norms.

A few days back, Rajesh Rudra, president of the Association of Private Unaided Schools of CBSE, had said that they would send a protest letter to the CBSE on the issue. On this RJ Khanderao said, "The board has always welcomed views of schools, but this time their demand is not genuine."

Navita Puri, principal of Kundan Vidya Mandir, said, "We will go by the decisions what our association will take."

Mona Singh, principal of Guru Nanak Public School, Sarabha Nagar, said, "We will update all the information as per the CBSE instructions."