CBSE plans to stop re-evaluation marks for class 12th

October 5, 2016, 3:02 pm

The Central Board of Secondary Education is about to terminate the practice of re-evaluation of marks for class 12th for all the subjects. CBSE is terminating the re-evaluation in coming months of 2017 the board has been re-evaluating the marks for class 12. The practice of re-evaluation started in 2014. CBSE came across various complaints from students; a good number of students who complained found to be a part of topper category and couldnít be ignored. A senior CBSE official said that received complain is about 1.8 percent which would be about 500 students CBSE official said that the evaluation system already had a three-tier process and terminating the re-evaluation system will help to let students to practice for the compartment examinations.