CBSE planning to introduce project work in history in XI, XII

May 6, 2013, 12:00 am

CBSE plans to introduce project work in History for classe XI and XII. This could include anything from ’town planning and artefacts of the Harappan civilization’ to ’understanding the Bhakti-Sufi movement in India’.

The project scores will be included in the final assessment-annual exams in Class XI and the boards for Class XII-and will carry 20% weight.

Till now, history was a completely theoretical subject and the evaluation was based on a 100-mark theory paper. According to CBSE, the committee of courses in history has decided to include project work from the academic session 2013-14, which means the present batch of Class XII students will have an 80-mark theory paper.

Schools were told to assign projects to students in groups and help them secure material and obtain permission from museums and archaeological sites. They have to space out the 10 periods dedicated to project work in the first term.

CBSE chairman Vineet Joshi said, "The projects will provide context. The board decided make them a part of regular studies as it will help in developing higher-order skills. It takes students to a life beyond textbooks and provides them an opportunity to refer to materials, gather information and analyze it, and decide what to keep. This will show them how history is constructed."

The broader objective is to give a multidisciplinary approach to topics by working on cultures, races, religions and lifestyles. Students will work on projects like ’Mahabharata through a reader’s eye,’ and understand how local beliefs have interacted, shaped and been influenced by other greater traditions to form different versions and stories of the great epic.