CBSE may launch its centre in Dubai

September 26, 2013, 12:47 pm

The opening of a new centre for the council for CBSE-affiliated schools in the Gulf region was also announced during the conference by the Minister of Education, Humaid Mohammad Obaid Al Qutami, via Skype. The centre will open this year.

The educational board has selected 12 private agencies to nominate CBSE school principals who will qualify to be peer assessors after completing an accreditation test.

The new system is being implemented to protect student interests and improve teaching and learning standards.There will also be speaking and listening examination for pupils of grade nine and 11. Joshi said that examinations usually only focus on reading and writing, forgetting that hearing and speaking are just as important.

As part of the new changes teachers will be provided online training because they might find it difficult to travel and attend training courses.

Some of the concerns that the CBSE office in New Delhi is facing when it comes to UAE schools is communication. Joshi said that it is difficult to get feedback from CBSE schools in the UAE. Another concern is the difficulty teachers face embracing new reforms related to 21st century teaching.

Each year, the board affiliates 800 new schools and the new accreditation policies are expected to come a long way in improving education standards in Indian schools following the curriculum.