CBSE Higher Secondary Examination (HSC) has become headache for students

April 4, 2013, 12:00 am

CBSE school managements have raised this spectre, which would severely handicap CBSE students in the race for professional courses, following a decision taken at a

meeting held at Ernakulam during the HSE scheme finalization camp.

The meeting came to the conclusion that almost 10 questions in the physics paper were "out of syllabus" and invigilators were asked to be liberal with assessment,

according to sources. The meeting was attended by two physics teachers from each district and the HSE examination secretary, who is also the joint director (exams).

The answer key was prepared at the camp, which was later given to invigilators.

As teachers have been asked to maintain confidentiality on the issue, no one was willing to come on record. "This is being done to ensure that students do not face any

disadvantage. Out of 100 marks, students have to score 35 marks to pass," added another physics teacher.

Meanwhile, the Kerala CBSE School Managements Association are worried that such a move would adversely affect their students who are competing with state syllabus

students in entrance exams for professional courses.

As it is, many CBSE students fear that they may not score high marks this year due to the ’difficult’ class XII mathematics paper.