CBSE has made it mandatory for its schools to prepare their websites

April 16, 2014, 12:54 pm

CBSE has made it mandatory for all affiliated schools to prepare a website with their complete details. Till now, only 45 out of 87 schools have updated their sites.

A letter has been issued to the all the schools from the joint secretary of CBSE.

According to the letter, the information required to be present on the school website include details of CBSE guidelines and norms, student strength, information about teaching staff, student-teacher ratio, contact details of administrators, comprehensive information about school, infrastructure, governance and qualification of teachers. The details are to be collected as an annual report and uploaded before September 15 each year.

Out of 108 government schools, only 39 have updated their sites.

According to regional officer R J Khanderao, "While talking about government schools, all the information regarding them is updated on the site handled by DPI Kamlesh Kumar and he has all the necessary information. The private school has to follow the order of the CBSE otherwise they will be boycotted."

According to board counsellor Rakesh Sachdeva, who is also principal of DAV Model Senior Secondary School, Sector 15, "CBSE has been sending the curricular to update the websites for public convenience for last many years but unfortunately the regular reminders are not being followed. The CBSE should take some strict action so that the schools start listening to the orders of the board authorities".

The parents too will be benefit from the sites. C V Singh, a resident of Zirakpur, said, "It is really hard for parents to go to every school and know about it whereabouts. Updating the school websites will bring transparency."