CBSE changes Class 12 exam time table

March 7, 2014, 12:33 pm

The Central Board of Education has revised the date of examinations of some subjects which clashed with the poll dates announced on Wednesday.

After the Election Commission announced the election schedule on Wednesday, the Board realised that the dates of around 30 examinations had to be rescheduled. Urdu Core, Urdu Elective and Music exam papers scheduled for April 9 will be now held on April 25.

The examination for Urdu Elective, Music Carnatic Vocal, Music Carnatic Instrument Melodic, Music Carnatic Instrument Percussion, Music Hindustani Vocal, Music Hindustani Instrument Melodic, Music Hindustani Instrument Perucssion and Urdu Core which were slated to be held on April 9 will be held on April 25.

The exams for Sociology, Graphic Designs DTP Cad & Multimedia and Business Processes Outsourcing Skills slated for April 10 has now been shifted to April 21.

Likewise the exams of subjects Philosophy, Entrepreneurship, Office Procedure & Practices, Cash Management & Housekeeping, Communication & Health Nursing II, Library

Administration & Management, Computer & Life Insurance Administration, Basic Concept of Health & Diseases & Medical Terminology, Midwifery,Food Services-II, Geospatial Technology, Post Harvest Technology & Preservation will now be held on April 19 instead of April 12.

Exams for Agriculture,Creative Writing & Translation Studies, Painting, Graphics, Sculpture, Applied Art-Commercial Art will be held on April 22 instead of April 17.

Dates in respect of other subjects will remain the same as notified earlier.