BCS has Started a CBSE School in the same campus

January 24, 2013, 12:00 am

Bishop Cotton School (BCS) is one of the oldest schools in the city and is now gearing up for the new age challenge. BCS in Sadar is affiliated to the state board and since the 1800s has churned out alumni that have made a mark for themselves. But it has now decided to shift gears. BCS has initiated the process to start a CBSE school in the same campus.

The school can boast of star students like former CEO of Citibank Vikram Pandit. However, the school does not command the respect and place in academic circles that it once did and many believe it has to do with the board it is affiliated to. Other old schools affiliated to the state board, which were at their peak till early 90s, have now lost their sheen.

At its Sadar campus, the school has now decided to start a CBSE school so that it can secure more admissions. A source in the school’s management committee said, "Our primary school exists separately and we will now take admissions under the CBSE pattern. Infrastructure will be created to accommodate the students as they move to higher classes. The state board school will continue to operate as usual."

BCS does not receive any financial grant from the state government for its state board school and yet keeps the fee low. At an average of Rs 400 per month, BCS is one of the cheapest schools.