Tuesday 29th September 2020
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AIPMT 2010 Biology

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Q. 1.   An element playing important role in nitrogen fixation is :

  1. Molybdenum
  2. Copper
  3. Manganese
  4. Zinc

Answer: (1)

Q. 2.    Select the correct statement from the ones given below:

  1. Barbiturates when given to criminals make them tell the truth
  2. Morphine is often given to persons who have undergone surgery as a pain killer.
  3. Chewing tobacco lowers blood pressure and heart rate
  4. Cocaine is given to patients after surgery as it stimulates recovery

Answer: (2)

Q. 3.    Listed below are four respiratory capacities (a − d) and four jumbled respiratory volumes of a normal human adult: Respiratory Respiratory
capacities volumes.

  1. Residual volume 2500 mL
  2. Vital capacity 3500 mL
  3. Inspiratory reserve volume 1200 mL
  4. Inspiratory capacity 4500 mL

Which one of the following is the correct matching of two capacities and volumes?

  1. (b) 2500 mL, (c) 4500 mL
  2. (c) 1200 mL, (d) 2500 mL
  3. (d) 3500 mL, (a) 1200 mL
  4. (a) 4500 mL, (b) 3500 mL

Answer: (3)

Q. 4. Transfer of pollen grains from the anther to the stigma of another flower of the same plant is called:

  1. Xenogamy
  2. Geitonogamy
  3. Karyogamy
  4. Autogamy

Answer: (2)

Q. 5. ABO blood groups in humans are controlled by the gene I. It has three alleles − IA, IB and i. Since there are three different alleles, six different genotypes are possible. How many phenotypes can occur?

  1. Three
  2. One
  3. Four
  4. Two

Answer: (3)

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