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Parents prefer CBSE schools for nursery admission

October 28, 2013, 12:06 pm

As admission dates for nursery and preparatory classes are approaching, most parents are busy zeroing in on schools. Selecting the right board forms a large part of choosing a good school. So, parents are engaging in last minute checks to decide among the three boards - ICSE, CBSE and state board.

Overall development of the child is the most important criterion that the parents are discussing among themselves. Schools which will provide a holistic approach to studies will top every parents list of preferred institutes.

Many prefer CBSE board among the three and those who can afford to send their wards to a CBSE board school are not missing the opportunity. "When we were young, ICSE board was considered the best and coming from an ICSE board school I was given more preference while getting job. However, things have changed now and CBSE board seems to be the best board for a child’s overall development," said Anita Arya, a teacher adding that the best part about CBSE board is that all competitive examinations are based on the board syllabus. So, a child passing out from a CBSE board school will be prepared to face any kind of competitive examination.

Parents, whose children don’t get admission in a CBSE board school, now look for ICSE board schools as their second preference. "I will be filling up the admission forms of both CBSE and ICSE boards for my child. If he does not get through one of the best schools of CBSE then we will put him in an ICSE board school," said Abhinav Prakash, father of a five-year-old boy.

However, despite trying to make the syllabus similar to CBSE board, the state board fails to attract students from middle-class families.

Sanjay Kumar, a fourth grade worker in a government office, said he does not want his daughter to study in a state board school. "I studied in a government school and could not achieve much in my life. I cannot even read or understand English properly and I do not want my daughter to face the same problem. I will eat less but I will make sure that my daughter studies in a good CBSE board school and becomes a doctor," he said.

Chairperson of Jharkhand Academic Council, Anand Bhushan said the state board schools cannot be compared with private schools. "He said state board schools focus on teaching all those students who cannot afford to go to schools by paying huge fees. But it does not mean that students studying here will not achieve anything in their life. No doubt there is a shortage of resources in the government schools but there are many people who passed out from state board schools and have achieved a lot in life," he said.

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