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Social Studies —2005 (Set II—Outside Delhi)

Except for the following questions, all the remaining questions have been asked in Set 1.

Q. 5. Write two main features of wetland farming. 2x1=2

Q. 6. State two major problems faced by road transport in India . 2x1=2

Q. 7. Which are the two main beverage crops of India ? Name the major producing State of each crop. 1+1=2

Q. 14* Who was the founder of Indian Social Conference? What were its aims?

Q. 18 Explain various ways by which consumers are exploited by the producers or wholesalers. 4

Q 20* Which were the factors that contributed to the awakening of national consciousness among the Indian people? 6

Q. 23. What is resource planning? What is the need for planning of resources? Describe the three stages involved in resource planning. 1+2+3=6

Q. 24 What is meant by communalism? Mention the causes for the growth of communalism in India . Suggest two remedies to overcome this problem in India .
Explain the provisions made in the Indian Constitution for safeguarding the interests of Other Backward Classes (OBC) and weaker sections of the society. 6

Q. 25. What are old age problems? State any four old age problems and measures taken by the Government to protect old aged people from them. 6
Explain the problems of child abuse. Mention the provisions provided in the Constitution of India for the protection and development of the child.

Social Science 2005 Question Papers Class X