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Social Studies —2005 (Set III—Delhi)

Except for the following questions, all the remaining questions have been asked in Set 1 and Set 2..

Q. 14.* Give main differences in the policies and methods of the moderates and the extremists in the Indian National Congress. 4

Q. 17.* Describe the meaning of liberalisation of an economy. Mention two main components of the liberalisation policy with examples. 4

Q. 20.* Explain any six significant events of national upsurge in India during and after the Second World War. 6

Q. 21. Explain any three physical and three human factors for the localisation of an industry in a particular area. 3+3=6

Q. 23. What is food security? Explain any five problems related with food security of India . 1+5=6
Explain six main features of subsistence farm ing in India . 6x1=6

Q. 25. Define sex ratio. Describe the trend of sex ratio in India since 1951. What are the factors behind the imbalanced sex ratio in India ? 6
Distinguish between economic development and human development. How are they interrelated with each other?

Social Science 2005 Question Papers Class X