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Q. 1. Why enthalpy of chemisorptions higher than that of physisorptions?

Q. 2. The values of dissociation constant A and B are 1*10-12 & 6.2*10-6. Which complex will be more stable and why?

Q. 3. Why it is difficult to prepare pure amines by ammonolysis of alkyl halide?

Q. 4. Draw the structure of p-nitro-toluene. 

Q. 5. Name a preservative used in cold drinks. 

Q. 6. Why aniline forms meta-nitro-aniline on nitration?

Q. 7. Why are vitamin A & C essential for us?

Q. 8. Benzyl chloride is 10 halide but still follows SN1 mechanism. Why?

Q. 9. Explain Schottky defect?  

Q. 10. An element with molar mass 2.7*10-2 kg/mol forms a cubic cell with edge length 405pm. If its density is 2.7*103 kg/m3, what is the nature of cubic unit cell?

Q. 11. Determine the amount of CaCl2 (73.5%) dissolved in 2.5L of water such that its osmotic pressure is 7.5 atm at 270C.

Q. 12. Predict the products of electrolysis in each of the following→
     i) An aqueous solution of AgNO3 with Ag electrode.
    ii)A dilute solution of H2SO4 using Pt electrode.   

Q. 13. Discuss the shape and magnetic behavior of Fe(CO)5. (Fe=26)

Q. 14. Complete the following reactions→

  1. P4O10 + H2O →?
  2. P4 + KOH + H2O →?
  3. Cu +   H2SO4(c) →?
  4. SF4 + H2O →? 

Q. 15. Propose the mechanism for the following reaction→
CH3CHO + HCN + H+ → CH3-CH(OH)-CN.  

Q. 16. Write short notes on→

  1. Wurtz reaction.
  2. Sandmeyer’s reaction.

Q. 17. Differentiate between the following→

  1. Thermoplastics and thermosetting polymers.
  2. Elastomers and Fibres.    

Q. 18. Write the names of monomers→

  1. Buna-S
  2. Terylene
  3. Nylon-6
  4. Buna-N 

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