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CBSE Important Questions

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D and F Block Elements

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  1. Name the purest variety of iron.
  2. Write the balance equation of combustion in extraction of metallic iron.
  3. What are the constituent of i. Invar ii. Alnico
  4. Calamine is an ore of _____________
  5. Name the alloy of copper which contains the zinc and copper metal
  6. Which metal exists in liquid form at room temperature.
  7. Oxidation state of Cr in K2Cr2O7?
  8. What is Nessler reagent.
  9. What is corrosive sublimate?
  10. Why AgCl precipitated is soluble in aqueous ammonia.
  11. What is the oxidation number of mercury in calomel? What is used for the preparation of calomel electrodes.
  12. Which of the following is more basic Lu(OH)3 or La(OH)3 ?
  13. Why m.p. first rises to maximum and then falls in case of d and f block elements?
  14. What are alloys steels?
  15. K2PtCl6 is known but Ni compound is not known. State reason for it.
  16. How many water molecules are involved in coordination of CuSO4 ?
  17. Why is KMnO4 solution used to clean surgical instruments in hospitals?
  18. HgCl2 and SnCl2 can’t exist together in an aqueous solution. Why?
  19. Explain, how the color of K2Cr2O7 solution depends upon pH of the solution?
  20. What is the use of sodium thiosulfate in photography?
  21. Name the oxometal anions of the I st series of the transition metals in which the metal exhibit oxidation equal to its group number.
  22. What is the action of heat on K2Cr2O7 and KMnO4? Write equations.
  23. Explain all the steps in photography?
  24. How will you prepare KMnO4 from pyrolusite ore? Give equation of oxidizing action in acidic, basic and neutral medium.
  25. Name three ores of copper. Explain the principle of extraction of copper from its main ore.
  26. Starting from Chromite ore, how will you prepare K2Cr2O7. Write all the chemical equations for reactions involved. State its two uses and indicate the properties in which they are based. State two uses and sketch structure of dichromate Ion
  27. Name the important ore of Silver and explain the principle of extraction of Ag from its ore?
  28. Give preparations and important properties of Silver Nitrate.
  29. What happens when:
    a. Potassium dichromate reacts with acidified solution of Ferrous salt
    b. Potassium dichromate reacts with acidified solution of KI.
    c. Potassium Permanganate is added to a hot solution of Manganese Sulfate.
  30. How is pure copper extracted from Copper Pyrites? Give examples of the alloys of copper? Give preparation of Copper sulfate.
  31. Pyrolusite on heating with KOH in presence of air give dark green color compound A. the solution of A on treatment with sulfuric acid gives a purple colored compound B. which gives the following :
    a. KI on reaction with alkaline solution of B changes into a compound C
    b. With conc. Sulfuric acid compound decomposes to give D which can decompose to yield E and e oxygen.
    c. the color of the compound B disappears on treatment with the acidic solution of Ferrous sulfate.
  32. Why the metals of the second and third series have greater enthalpies of atomization than the corresponding elements of the first series.
  33. Why Zn, Cd and Hg are often not regarded as transition element.
  34. On What ground can we say that Y is a transition element but Cd is not.
  35. Give the two examples of the element in transition series exhibiting +8 oxidation state
  36. Explain the process of extraction of Iron with equation and suitable diagram
  37. Describe the extraction of copper with equation involved and giving some uses of Copper.
  38. Describe the Lanthanides under following head:
    a. Electronic configuration
    b. Atomic and ionic size
    c. Color and paramagnatism
    d. Ionization enthalpy
    e. Oxidation State
    f. Properties and uses.
  39. Explain D block element under following heads:
    a. High enthalpy of atomization
    b. Colored compounds
    c. Magnetic Character
    d. Variable Oxidation State
    e. Formation of alloy
  40. Write short note with reference to d block element:
    a. Forms alloy
    b. Forms complex
    c. Forms interstitial compounds
    d. Used as catalyst
    e. Oxidation potential
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  4. Chemical Kinetics
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  6. D and F Block Elements
  7. Coordination Compound
  8. Nuclear Chemistry
  9. Stereochemistry
  10. Functional Group I
  11. Polymers
  12. Biomolecules
  13. Chemistry In Everyday Life
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