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CBSE Important Questions

CBSE Guess > Papers > Important Questions > Class X > 2007 > Computer Science > Information Technology By ; Manish Jha

Information Technology

Q. 1. Answer the following questions :-

  1. Write down the steps of deleting a row in a table. 2
  2. Where can an “OLE Object” be used in MS-Access. 1
  3. When do we freeze a field? 1
  4. What is meant by Data Redundancy? 1
  5. Write the validation check to have a values in the range 18 to 40 for the “age” field 1
  6. Name any two ways to create a table in MS Access. 1
  7. What is a DBMS? 2
  8. Define Data Validation. 1

Q. 2. Answer the following questions :-

  1. What is a Protocol? 1
  2. Explain the format of e-mail address. 2
  3. What do you under by the term downloading a file?
    Name the software used for it.2
  4. Define the following terms2
    (i) Video Conferencing
    (ii) Search Engines
  5. How can you ensure that you will be able to again visit a web page that you have liked greatly without having to remember its URL. 1
  6. Expand the following top level domain names 1
    (i) .edu (ii).com
  7. Why is e-mail so popular over conventional mail ? 1

Q. 3. Answer the following questions :-

  1. What do you understand by option ALINK used with <Body> tag? 1
  2. What is the role of the following option in a web browser. 1
    (i) Back (ii) Forward
  3. Differentiate between container and empty element 2
  4. Which of the tags : <H6> or <H1> gives a bigger size heading 1
  5. Differentiate between <basefont> and <font> tag. 2
  6. Write the expansion of the following tags used in HTML : 2
    (i) <OL> (ii) <A> (iii) <BR> (iv) <HR>
  7. Differentiate between ordered and unordered list 2
  8. Explain the NAME attribute of anchor tag 1

Q. 3. Write HTML code to generate a page in the format and style shown below : 8

Bharat Darshan

  • Kerala Dekho
  • Himachal Dekho
  • GOA Dekho
  • Rajasthan Dekho

Create your email ID on

  1. Title of the page should be “Bharat Darshan”
  2. Background colour should be “Yellow”
  3. Text font should be “Dauphin”
  4. Image of the Indian map from the file “MapOfIndia.gif”
  5. Pages are linked with
    (a) Kerala Dekho as “Keral.htm”
    (b) Himachal Dekho as “Him.htm”
    (c) GOA Dekho as “Goa.htm”
    (d) Rajasthan Dekho as “Raj.htm”
  6. Visited link colour be “Blue” and
  7. Active link colour be “Red”
  8. Bottom message should be centre aligned and the font size as “2”