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Informatics Practices - 2007 (Set II - Delhi)


Q. 1. Answer the following questions :

  1. Expand the following abbreviations and explain in brief : 2
    (i) FLOSS
    (ii) GNU
  2. Write one point of difference between a freeware and free software. 2
  3. Write one example to show how Data mining is helpful in decision making. 2
  4. How is Post implementation review important during System Development Life Cycle ? 2
  5. Identify the type of relationship represented in the following statement and draw an Entity Relationship Diagram to show it : 2
    “A customer can buy many items.”

Q. 2. Answer the following questions :

  1. Write one difference and one common characteristic between a control and a variable in VB. 2
  2. Why do we write comments in a program ? What are the two ways of writing comments in VB ? 2
  3. Write the purpose of Select Case statement with the help of an example. Which VB statement can be used in place of Select Case statement ? In the Select Case statement, what happens if every case fails and there is no Case Else option ? 3
  4. What is the difference between a function and a sub procedure ? Write one example of each. 3

Q. 3. Answer the following questions :

  1. In a PL/SQL code, DBMS_OUTPUT . PVT_LINE is used to display output but the output is not getting displayed on screen. What might have gone wrong ? 2
  2. Write one point of difference between Row level Triggers, and Statement level Triggers. 2
  3. Explain in brief the purpose of Savepoint statement with the help of PL/SQL code example. 2
  4. What is a view ? Why does a view not require any physical storage ? 2
  5. Why are named procedures called stored procedures ? Write one advantage of stored procedures. 2


Q. 4. Read the following case study and answer the questions that follow :

AVON INDIA has computerized its Payroll. The following is the Data Entry screen used by them :

The form details for the above form are given in the following table :

Object Type Object Name Description
Form FrmSalary The main Form Object.
Text box txtEmpCode To enter Employee Code.
  txtName To enter name of employee.
  txtBasic To enter Basic Salary of Permanent Employee.
  TxtOverPerm ter overtime hours worked by Permanent
  txtHRA To display House Rent Allowance.
  txtCCA To display City Compensatory Allowance.
  TxtNumDays To enter number of days worked by Temporary Employee.
  TxtOverTemp To enter number of hours worked by Temporary Employee.
  TxtSalary To display Salary earned by Temporary or Permanent employee.
  TxtOverTime To display OverTime amount earned by Temporary or Permanent employee.
  TxtTotal To display Total amount to be paid to
Temporary or Permanent Employee.
Option Button OptTemp To provide information whether
of Temporary Category or Permanent Category.
Frame FraTemp To group controls related to Temporary Employee.
  FraPerm To group controls related to Permanent Employee.
Command Button cmdCalculate To calculate HRA, CCA, OverTime Amount, Salary Amount and Total Amount in. case of Permanent Employee. To calculate OverTime Amount, Salary Amount and Total Amount in case of Temporary Employee.
  cmdClear To clear all the values in Text boxes, Option button in the form.
  cmdExit To close the application.

Write code to implement the following :

  1. If option button for Permanent Employee is chosen then Controls in the Frame related to Temporary Employee should be disabled and if option button for Temporary Employee is chosen then Controls in the Frame related to Permanent Employee should be disabled. 2
  2. When the user clicks Clear button, all the values stored in text boxes and option button should be cleared. 2
  3. Check that in the text box for Employee code (txtEmpCode) only numeric data is entered. 2
  4. When the command button with caption “Calculate” (cmdCalculate) is clicked, HRA, CCA, OverTime Amount, Salary Amount and Total Amount should be calculated in case of Permanent Employee and OverTime Amount, Salary Amount and Total Amount should be calculated in case of Temporary Employee. 4

The criterion for calculation is as given below :

For Temporary Employee Salary is Rs. 250 per day.
OverTime is Rs. 50 per overtime hour
For Permanent Employee HRA is 10% of Basic Salary
CCA is Rs. 500
OverTime allowance is Rs. 75 per overtime hour.

Total Amount is the sum total of Salary Amount (TxtSalary) and OverTime Amount (TxtOverTime).

Q. 5. Answer the following questions :

  1. Write the following code segment using For Loop : 2
    Do While I>=1
    If x=0 Then
    Print "Zero"
    End If
    Print I
    5 P.90 T.O.
  2. Write the output that the following code segment will generate : 2
    Print Mid (LTrim( “Computer Science” ),1,4)+”One”
    Print(7*4>8+3) And (3^2 < 6/2)
    Print Val(“l6 oranges”) + Len(x)
    Print InStr(“Computers”, “ut”)
  3. Rewrite the following code segment using Select Case statement : 2
    If ch = “A” Then
    countA = countA + 1
    Elself ch = “B” Then
    countB = countB + 1
    Elself ch = “C” Then
    countC = countC + 1
    countE = countE + 1
    End If
  4. Write a procedure in VB that takes in year of birth of a person as an argument. It displays a message box indicating how many years are left for the person to reach the retirement age of 60. If the user is older than 65, wish him/her for a long life ! 4


Q. 6. Read the questions given below and answer accordingly :

  1. Rewrite the following PL/SQL loop so that you do not use a loop at all. 2
    FOR i IN 1. . 2
    IF i = l THEN
    calc_bonus(president_id, 2000000);
    ELSIF i=2 THEN
    calc_bonus(ceo_id, 5000000);
    END IF;
    90 6
  2. Write the output produced by the following part of code in PL/SQL. 2
    i number;
    q number;
    p number;
    for i in 5. . 7 loop
    if p>9 then
    end if;
    end loop;
  3. Find error(s) in the following PL/SQL code and rewrite the correct code after underlining the corrections made. 2
    P Number;
    Pr Number:=0;
    FOR X IN 3. . 6 LOOP
    IF MOD(X,3):=0 THEN
  4. Write a PL/SQL procedure that takes employee code of an employee as a parameter. In the table “Employee”, if the commission field (comm) of that employee is empty then set it to 1000. (Field name of employee code : Empno, Commission : Comm) 4

Q. 7. Answer the questions based on the table SalesPerson given below :

Table : SalesPerson

Column Name Data Type Size Description Constraint
SNum NUMBER 6 Salesperson’s Identification
VARCHAR2 25 First Name of SalesPerson NOT NULL
SLName VARCHAR2 25 Last Name of SalesPerson NOT NULL
City VARCHAR2 10 City where SalesPerson works  
Sales NUMBER 9,2 Sales achieved by SalesPerson  
Comm NUMBER 8,2 Commission earned by Sales Person  
  1. Write the SQL command to Create the above table with constraints. 2
  2. Write SQL command to Create a view consisting of all the Salespersons working in Delhi city. 2
  3. Write an SQL command to display each city along with total sales in that city. 2
  4. Create a Trigger to change the commission amount to 5000 every time the commission amount entered by user exceeds 5000. An appropriate message should also be displayed. 4
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