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Informatics Practices - 2007 (Set I - Delhi)

Section - A

Q. 1. Answer the following questions :

  1. Define (i) Freeware (ii) Shareware 2
  2. Write one point of difference between front end and back end with one example of each. 2
  3. Write one example each of “one to many” and “many to many” relationships between two entity sets. 2
  4. What is the purpose of Data Mining? 2
  5. During System Development Life Cycle, in which phase is the scope and true nature of problem determined? Explain in brief with the help of an example. 2

Q. 2. Answer the following questions :

  1. How many value(s) does a Procedure and a Function return ? 2
  2. Distinguish between Single Document Interface and Multiple Document Interface. Write one example each of SDI and MDI type application. 2
  3. What is Selection statement ? Name any two selection statements that VB provides. 2
  4. What are Events ? What are Event Procedures ? How are they related ? 2
  5. What is a Bound Control? Name any two data aware properties of bound controls. 2

Q. 3. Answer the following questions :

  1. Which statement must be present in a simple loop (Loop.. Endloop) so that it does not become an infinite loop ? 1
  2. Suggest parameters mode (IN/OUT/IN OUT) for the following : 1
  3. Parameter can be used as a normal variable.
  4. Passed value must not get changed.
  5. Write two points of differences between SQL and PL/SQL. 2
  6. How are triggers similar to Constraints ? Write one point. 2
  7. What is the purpose of cursor in PL/SQL ? Name the types of cursors used in PL/SQL. 2
  8. Why do we use Roll back statement ? Explain in brief with the help of an example. 2

Section - B

Q. 4. Read the following case study and answer the questions that follow :

ABC Company has developed the following interface to enter and display data related to Income tax of employees.

The form details of the above form are given in the following table :

Object Type Object Name Description
Form FrmSalary The main Form Object
Text box TxtEmpCode To enter code of Employee.
  TxtName To enter Name of Employee.
  Txtlncome To enter Taxable Income of Employee.
  TxtlTax To display Income tax
  TxtEdTax To display Educational tax
  TxtSurcharge To display Surcharge
  TxtTotalTax To display Total Tax to be paid by the employee.
Command Button cmdCalculate To calculate Income tax, Education
Tax, Surcharge and Total Tax
  cmdClear To clear all the values in Text boxes
  cmdExit To close the application

Write code to implement the following :

  1. When the form loads text boxes for Income tax, Education Tax, Surcharge and Total Tax Amount should be disabled. They should be enabled only when Calculate command button is clicked. 2
  2. Taxable Income entered should be numeric data. 2
  3. When the user clicks the Clear command button, textboxes EmpCode and EmpName should be set to blank and other textboxes should be set to zero. 2
  4. When Calculate command button is clicked, Income tax, Education Tax, Surcharge and Total Tax (sum of Income Tax, Education Tax, Surcharge) is displayed in their respective text boxes based on the following criterion. 4
    Taxable Income Income Tax Education Tax Surcharge
    UptoRs. 1,00,000 Nil Nil Nil
    Rs. 1,00,001 to 1,50,000 10% of the
    amount exceeding
    Rs. 1,00,000
    2% of Taxable Income Nil
    Rs. 1,50,001 to 2,50,000 Rs. 5,000+20% of
    amount exceeding
    Rs. 1,50,000
    2% of Taxable Income Nil
    Rs. 2,50,001 and above Rs. 25,000+30% of
    the amount exceeding
    Rs. 2,50,000
    2% of Taxable Income. 1% of Taxable Income

Q. 5. Answer the following questions :

  1. How many times will the following loop execute ? 2
    1 = 6
    Do While I > = -1
    I -1-2
    Print I
  2. Write the output that the following code segment will generate 2
    Stringl = “Class XII”
    String2 = “XI”
    Print Stringl + String2
    Print InStr (Stringl, String2)
    Print Mid (LCase(Stringl), 6, 3 )
    Print Int(4.7) + Len(String 2)
  3. Rewrite the following code using If Elself 2
    Select Case Code
    Case Is > 45
    Messagel = “Ersor”
    Case l0 To 20
    Message 1 = “Accounts”
    Case 21 To 30
    Message 1 = “Personnel”
    Case 31 To 45
    Message 1 = “EDP”
    Case Else
    Message 1 = “Access Denied”
    End Select
    5 90/1 [P.T.O.
  4. Write a function that receives two integers as arguments and returns the following: 4
    0 if both are equal
    - 1 if first is greater than the second
    1 if second is greater than the first

Q. 6. Read the questions given below and answer accordingly :

  1. Write PL/SQL cursor declaration to store Employee code(EMPNO), Employee name(ENAME) of employees from Emp table who are located (LOC) in Delhi. 2
  2. Write the output produced by the following code in PL/SQL 2
    cnt number;
    num number;
    cnt: - 8;
    num : = 4;
    while cnt>4 loop
    num : = num-2;
    cnt: = cnt-1;
    end if;
    end loop;
  3. Find error(s) in the following PL/SQL code and rewrite the correct code after underlining the corrections made. 2
    90/1 6
    CTR : = 0;
    SUM1 : = 0;
    SUM1 : = SUM1 + CTR;
    CTR : = CTR-2;
    IF CTR > 2 THEN
  4. Create a procedure called Selectemployee that selects the first name, last name, join date, and salary for employee with employee code 100 from EMP table into variables and displays values stored in these variables.
    Table Emp consists of fields with field names : ID,

Q. 7. Answer questions based on the table Student given below :

Table : Student

Column Name Data Type Size Description Constraint
RollNumber 2 NUMBER 2 Student’s Roll number Primary key
Name VARCHAR2 25 Name of Student NOT NULL
Class VARCHAR2 3 Class of Student  
Stream VARCHAR2 15 Stream opted by the Student  
TotalMarks NUMBER 8,2 Total marks scored by the student  
Grade VARCHAR2 1 Grade scored by Can be’A’ the student or ‘B’ or ‘C
  1. Write SQL command to display Roll numbers, names, Total marks and grades of all the students in “Nonmedical” stream sorted by Total marks in descending order. 2
  2. Write SQL command to create a view consisting of all students in “Medical” stream and who have scored “A” grade. 2
  3. Write PL/SQL Procedure that takes in Student’s Roll number as a parameter and increases Total marks of that student by 2% (as he/she is a Sports person.) 3
  4. Create a Trigger to display the name and stream of Student(s) whose record(s) is/are being deleted from the Student table. 3


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