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CBSE Important Questions

CBSE Guess > Papers > Important Questions > Class X > Geography > Geography (Transport, Communication And Trade) By ; Mr. Suryaveer Singh

Geography (Transport, Communication And Trade)

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Q. 1. Why transport routes or channels are called the basic arteries of our economy? Give three reasons.

Q. 2. How will expressways be built and operated by the government? Give three reasons.

Q. 3. Why does road transport score over railway transport? (Imp. of roads)

Q. 4. Road transport is confronted with problems". Describe any four problems.

Q. 5. Explain any two qualitative improvement made in Indian Railways in context to speed and service areas. (Electrification of railway track, amenities and provisions of facilities to the rail users.)

Q. 6. What are the problems of rail transport?

Q. 7. Why is pipeline transport better than other means of transport in transporting natural gas and oil? Give three reasons.

Q. 8. Why airways are considered as best means of transport for north-east India? Give important significance of airways over other means. Examine the recent developments in airways in India.

Q. 9. What is the significance of communication in context to mass communication?

Q. 10. Why international trade is considered as economic barometer of a country?


"No country can survive without international trade". Support by giving four points.

Q. 11. What is balance of trade? Give difference with the help of an example between favourable balance of trade and unfavourable balance of trade.

Q. 12. Differentiate between the inland trade (with in India between states) and foreign trade (outside India between countries).

Q. 13. Examine the important changes taken place in the composition of foreign trade.

Q. 14. What is significance of Tourism in the development of international trade?

Q. 15. Distinguish between transport and communication.


Net sown area, soil types, percentage of net sown area under irrigation.

Area under forests.

Cotton growing areas, jute growing areas, tea and coffee growing areas.

Fibre crops (cotton and jute), beverage crops (tea and coffee), sugarcane, rice and wheat growing areas.

Oil refineries - Koyali, Panipat, Mathura, Barauni,

Coal fields - Jharia, Mohpani, Raniganj, and Neyveli.

Nuclear power plants - Narora, Kaiga, and Kalpakkam.

Thermal power plants - Loktak, Ramagundam, Tuticorin.

Cotton textile - Kanpur, Ahmedabad, Silk textile - Anantnag, Woolen textile - Srinagar, Iron and Steel plants - Bhilai, Vishakapatnam, Salem. Software technology parks - all

Major ports - Ennore sea port.

Expressway - Golden Quadrilateral, North-south corridor, east-west corridor.

International airports - Kolkatta.

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