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CBSE Important Questions

CBSE Guess > Papers > Important Questions > Class X > Geography > Geography (Land and soil resources) By ; Mr. Suryaveer Singh

Geography (Land and soil resources)

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Q. 1. What is resource development? How resource development is a necessary exercise for its utilization? Mention two e.g.

Q. 2. What is resource planning? Explain the three stages of Resource Planning. Describe the need for resource conservation/planning. Give two points with e.g.

Q. 3. What is conservation of resources? What are the two main objectives of conservation of resources?

Q. 4. What is soil? Examine the role of climate and parent rock in soil formation.

Q. 5. What is soil erosion? Mention its two causes and methods of controlling soil erosion.

Q. 6. State the distribution of land use pattern in India through a pie diagram.

Q. 7. Write the names of two states which have the highest and the lowest net sown area in India.

Q. 8. Explain how land degradation can be controlled in - Hilly areas and slopes, Arid areas, Agricultural regions, Semi-arid areas, Industrial and sub-urban areas. Give one point for each.

Q. 9. How does land degradation is caused by mining and industrial activities? Give one reasons for each activity.

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