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Important Questions

CBSE Guess > Papers > Important Questions > Class XII > 2008 > Informatics Practices > Informatics Practices By Mrs. Manvi

Informatics Practices

Q. 1. Define Open Source Software, Free Software, Freeware, and Shareware.

Q. 2. Name the building blocks of an information system.

Q. 3. Draw an ER diagram and describe its detail as customer purchase many items.

Q. 4. What is DDLC? How is it different from SDLC?

Q. 5. Define the terms Data Dictionary, Data Warehousing, Data Mining and Metadata using suitable examples.

Q. 6. Which three programming constructs are supported by every programming language?

Q. 7. What is a procedure and a function? Give examples of each.

Q. 8. Differentiate between Public and Private Variables and discuss their scope of visibility.

Q. 9. Which property is used to make a form as a child form of an MID form?

Q. 10. Discuss briefly the ADO object Model.

Q. 11. Differentiate between an ADODB project reference and ADO DC in a form using suitable example.

Q. 12. What are three parts of PL/SQL block? Name any two advantages of PL/SQL.

Q. 13. Discuss the role of each statement COMMIT,ROLLBACK,SAVEPOINT,ROLLBACK TO

Q. 14. What are actual and formal parameters?

Q. 15. What is a trigger, Instead of tiggers, Row & Statement Level triggers?

Q. 16. Differentiate between AFTER and BEFORE triggers.

Q. 17. Write a program to find maximum and minimum array of 20 numbers.

Q. 18. Write a function that accepts a number and returns TRUE if the number is even and returns FALSE if the number is odd.