Friday 29th May 2020
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Female / 27 Years From In Ur Heart, Madhya Pradesh, India

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Member Since: 25-May-2010 6:46 am
Last Login: 7-Apr-2011 6:26 am
$ $ Hi FrNdS $$
m known as Miss.Understood...(for all d right reasons)..
m back here after a really long be exact...1 yr...

well..very few ppl knw d real SHEFALI... ma family says m real shy n tht i dn spk much...but ppl who knw me....
they knw..i dont even stop for a second...
i like spending time...with myself...(m no devdas...oops..devdasini..)itz jus tht...i like giving time to myself..
i life as it comes!
don’t jump up to conclusions...
n love urself!coz no one realises wat u r...itz u who does at d end of d day..
so just..chill!n give ur best in wateva u do!
n...ya...i dn hate anyone in 1 individual..n i hav no attitude probz(thtz wat ppl think)..i dont like sleeping...coz i believe..i can do smthing worthwhile..instead of jus putting on weight n sleepin n wastin some of ma friends actually call me insomniac!;-)hehe
but i’d like to specify tht i hate ppl who-
1)bitch abt others.. i hate liers(not tht m one harish chandra)i do lie at times...but i hate it wen ppl do it without any rhyme or reason
2)do anything u want but ’’DO NOT’’ blame me for smthin i din do..tht freaks me out completely..i believe do ur homework first n den call or msg me regardin any damn thing..(from my past experience)
3)i hate flirts(ya i knw...not evry1 is seedha saadha in ma frenz list)but still...if u r one...back off..
4)i hate pretenders.if u wanna say smthin.. MEAN IT.n if u mean it..don’t wait..SAY IT.
if u r any one of d above,
kindly do not send a friend request.
i WONT accept it eva eva eva..
n ya...