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Q. 1. Give an example of polygenic inheritance.

Q. 2. Give the meaning of the term ‘allele’.

Q. 3. What do the symbols ‘square’ and ‘circle’ in a pedigree chart indicate?

Q. 4. What is karyotyping?

Q. 5. How many pairs of chromosomes are present in male drosophila?

Q. 6. What are Okazaki fragments?

Q. 7. What is the term used for cancer causing genes?

Q. 8. In what direction are the Okazaki fragments synthesized?

Q. 9. What is a codon?

Q. 10. Define aneuploidy?

Q. 11. What are linked genes? How can a pair of linked genes be identified?

Q. 12. The human male never passes the genes for haemophilia to his son. How is it so?

Q. 13. In humans, genetically the sex of the child is determined by father, not by mother. Explain.

Q. 14. What are the symptoms of phenylketourea?

Q. 15. State the law of independent assortment.

Q. 16. What is epistasis? How does it differ from dominance?

Q. 17. Define-

  1. Mutation
  2. Punnett square

Q. 18. How did Hershey and chase prove that DNA is a genetic material?

Q. 19. What do you understand by central dogma? Explain.

Q. 20. Describe the composition and working of a Lac operon.

Q. 21. How is Klinefelter’s syndrome different from Turner’s syndrome?

Q. 22. What were the reasons for Mendels’s success?

Q. 23. Mention the contribution of T.H. Morgan in the field of Genetics.

Q. 24. Write a brief account on human genome Project.

Q. 25. Mention the applications of DNA fingerprinting.

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