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Important Questions

CBSE Guess > Papers > Important Questions > Class XII > 2009 > Informatics Practices > Informatics Practices By Mr. Ravi goyal


Q. 1. To return the sum of first n natural numbers using IN OUT parameter.

Q. 2. To return the factorial of n number using OUT parameter.

Q. 3. To increase the salary of an employee number by 10% only if he belongs to department number 10. The employee number should be sent to the procedure. Display the appropriate message in both case.

Q. 4. To check whether the given department number exist or not in dept table, and if then display a message of not valid otherwise display the detail.

Q. 5. To insert a new department into the dept table. Provide only the department name and location to the procedure. Department number should be taken automatically 10 more than the highest department number.

Q. 6. To display employee names that are reporting to the given employee number. In case, no one is reporting, display the appropriate message.

Q. 7. To calculate the bonus of an employee as
            If salary >= 2000 then bonus is 15% of salary
            If salary >= 2000 then bonus is 20% of salary
            If salary >= 2000 then bonus is 35% of salary
            Also increase the salary of that employee by adding the bonus in the caller program

Q. 8. To find and return total number and total salary in the given job. Job should be passed to the function.

Q. 9. To find wheather the order can be accepted from the customer or not. the condition to accept the order is that the quantity ordered should be less than the quantity available minus the reorder level. The table contains fields like PNAME, PCODE, PRATE, PQTY , PREORD.

Q. 10. To display a message’ record has been update’ whenever a emp from emp table is updated.

Q. 11. To display a message when the salary of emp table is updated for the department number 10

Q. 12. To copy the record being deleted(from dept table) to another table name TEMP having the same structure as that of dept.

Q. 13. To convert the name and job into uppercase at the time of insertion

Q. 14. To restrict the salary of department number 20 to less than 10000 during insertion or updation.

Q. 15. To restrict the new record having MANAGER in department number 10

Q. 16. To restrict the department number other than 10, 20, 30, 40 and the job other than MANAGER, CLERK, ANALYST and SALESMAN

Q. 17. To restrict NULL for MGR field, except for PRESIDENT during updation or insertion.

Paper By Mr. Ravi Goyal